How long will Amish furniture last?

“Forever” has some very long-lasting connotations, but it’s a great starting point for a conversation when it comes to discussing the period of time Amish furniture will last. And that’s not even considering how long a chosen piece of Amish furniture will remain in style. (The answer to the latter question: Breathe easy, because that new piece of Amish furniture purchased last week has a timeless appeal that will still fit into any home 100 years from today. After all, an Amish rocking chair that just celebrated a 100-year anniversary still looks perfectly acceptable in a modern-looking living room today.)

So, how long will Amish furniture last? Fortunately, Amish furniture is virtually immune to style obsolescence. And from a physical perspective – barring the destructive forces of fires, floods and other natural disasters – handmade Amish furniture typically constructed from hardwood trees found in North America can measure a lifetime of use in terms of generations. In other words, Amish furniture owners can likely look forward to passing their pieces to a next generation, and conceivably the generation after that.

The biggest reason for the durability of Amish furniture begins with simplicity. What you see in an Amish-made piece of furniture is really what you get. There are no electronic components vulnerable to break-down and failure. The essential component of every piece of Amish furniture is hardwood, with no place for any laminate or particle board in the process. These wood products are crafted, assembled and finished by hand by craftsmen that have learned from their mentors in a tradition dating back decades.

Chances are good that woods like northern red oak, white oak, elm, mahogany, cedar, pine, cherry, maple, beech and more could be used in the construction of these pieces, often as directed by customers electing to customize the construction materials used. The important question at the top of mind for the customer: Will this Amish-built bedroom set, chair or table, for example, last? Evidence of longevity can be seen simply by visiting a historical museum or an antique shop, where furniture dating back a hundred years and more is often on display. If those wood-crafted pieces can endure, those same features will likely convey the same nature of longevity into an Amish bed built last week.

Living in a modern consumer-driven world that some critics fault as symbolizing a “disposable society” where items are quickly discarded in the interest of owning the latest, greatest products that are never repaired, Amish furniture bucks the trend with a commitment to the long-term future. Consumers opting to purchase an Amish piece are making that informed choice with the knowledge their purchase is made to last and likely to be enjoyed by grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

If questions still linger in the minds of consumers contemplating a long-term Amish furniture commitment and the related durability factor, perhaps the wisest advice is to simply speak with family, friends and neighbors already enjoying Amish furnishings in their homes. Word-of-mouth is more enduring than any other; let the experts share their Amish furniture relationships with nothing less than an enduring future.

Michigan residents living in southeastern Michigan can easily view a wide array of Amish furniture by visiting Jasen’s Fine Furniture in Roseville, where a two-story showroom awaits visitors. The family-owned business founded in 1951 is located at 27603 Gratiot; call (586) 777-1717 to learn more.

Top 10 Things Making Amish Furniture the Best Choice

Amish furniture has rightfully earned a reputation in the minds of American consumers coast-to-coast as the preeminent choice when it comes to complementing the perfect home with the perfect furniture. Ask any existing Amish furniture owner to extol the virtues of their Amish furniture, and the person asking the probing questions is advised to pull up one of those indescribably comfortable Amish rocking chairs and settle in for a while. There are many, many virtues to be shared. For the uninitiated, here’s an utterly informal and totally unscientific listing of 10 ten things that make Amish furniture the best choice:

• Comfort – When it comes to furniture, is there really anything more important than comfort? Nobody cares to sit in an easy chair that makes life anything but easy for those suffering from back pain. Amish furniture is crafted to offer support while matching the nuances of the human form; after all, the craftsman constructing his customer’s furniture is probably enjoying the same type of furniture in his own home. That makes for a sure bet that comfort factors in heavily with every piece of Amish furniture.

• Style – Whether it’s a traditional Amish furniture look that’s desired or a contemporary appearance to accent a state-of-the-art home appearance, Amish furniture can be fully customized and comes in a wide range of styles matching the unique expectations of the customer. As for the looks? It’s safe to say that Amish furniture would not have the long-lasting cachet in the minds of customers if it didn’t bear a timeless style.

• Variety – Make no mistake. “Amish furniture” is a phrase that includes far more than your grandmother’s rocking chair. Amish-made furniture includes beds, bedroom sets, dressers, vanities, office chairs, desks, filing cabinets, sofas, chairs, coffee and end tables, dining room tables, chairs and so much more. Fully furnishing a home solely with Amish-made furniture is easy. The only hard part is determining how the furniture can be fairly shared with the next generation of family members, since Amish furniture tends to last for decades.

• Customized – Factories are capable of mass-producing furniture to exact specifications, with no variance involved. Owners are obligated to modify their homes to match the furniture. That’s not the case where Amish furniture is concerned. There pieces are handmade by artisans thoroughly trained by their family members, allowing an ability to customize orders to customer expectations like no automated process.

• Durable – There’s a timeless nature to Amish furniture that’s (happily) out of step with a modern disposable society where it seems all things are made to be discarded within the next five years. Crafted from wood by hand, Amish furniture simply is built to last. The proof? Simply ask yourself: When did you last hear of a friend or acquaintance throwing out their “broken” Amish furniture.

• Hand-made – Every Amish craftsman is educated in the arts of woodworking by experienced mentors, continuing a family tradition dating back in many instances hundreds of years. Their stock and trade? Crafting various hard woods into furniture that could easily pass for pieces of art, using hand tools in the way of their ancestors.

• Unique – As a result of the hand-made nature of Amish furniture, each piece carries the individual nuances inherent in the work. No one piece can ever perfectly match another, as each is the result of individual effort. Those seeking cookie-cutter uniformity and plainness in their Amish furniture should understand that idea runs counter to what Amish artisans produce. Quality work, however, is a trait that will never be lacking.

• Conversation pieces – Imagine the thrill of entertaining guests in a new residence, with all the enjoyment that comes with sharing time with those visitors during an intimate tour of the home. Those tours have a tendency to stop and admire – not surprisingly – the appeal of the Amish furniture. That’s a great ice-breaker where conversations are concerned.

• Historic – Amish furniture first gained notice among consumers early in the 20th century as American folk art grew in popularity, and that trend has not diminished early in the 21st century. Factor in the durability that helps distinguish Amish furniture made from 100-percent wood (not laminate or particle board), and there’s a good chance 200-year-old Amish furniture in a future living room is a near certainty.

• Made in the U.S.A. – Some of the larger Amish communities thrive in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ohio and nearby states, guaranteeing that appealing, built-to-last Amish furniture usually crafted from North American hardwoods were crafted by hand in the U.S.A.

See for yourself how appealing Amish furniture can be, by visiting one of Michigan’s best destinations for furniture shopping in southeast Michigan. Jasen’s Fine Furniture (located at 27603 Gratiot in Roseville) offers a two-story showroom filled with a wide array of pieces crafted by Amish craftsman. Call (586) 777-1717 for more information.

Amish Woodbury Tables

amish woodbury tables

Amish Woodbury Tables

Amish Woodbury Tables feature curved bell shaped leg style and all solid brown maple construction, dovetailed drawers, and full extension glides for lifetime enjoyment. These heirloom quality tables can be ordered in any size, wood specie, stain, and hardwares of your choice. Made in USA!

End Table: 24-H 20-W 24-D

Sofa Table: 30-H 36-W 18-D

Coffee Table: 18-H 42-W 18-D

Chairside Table: 24-H 13-W 22-D

Tables feature catalyzed finish for an exceptional lifetime durability, plethora of style, finish colors, two tone options available, custom sizes, custom shapes, and wood specie options in solid (oak, maple, cherry, rustic cherry, tiger oak (quarter sawn white oak), rustic tiger oak, tiger maple, walnut, grey elm, hickory, hard maple).

MADE IN USA! Created by Amish craftsmen. Heirloom quality living room furniture your family will enjoy for years.

Jasens Furniture Metro Detroit Roseville Michigan. Serving Macomb and South East Michigan with Made in Michigan, Made in USA, and solid wood furniture. Upholstered furniture made in USA by Flexsteel, Lancer, Best Chair, Omnia.
As advertised in Detroit HOUR magazine. Specializing in solid hardwoods. Serving Detroit and Metro with the best of the best since 1951.
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Custom Amish Furniture Online

Few things in a home speak more loudly when it comes to illustrating the homeowner’s personal taste for interior furnishings than Amish furniture. Reflecting a discriminating taste with an eye for some of the most durable, unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture suitable for passing from one generation to the next, Amish furniture has rightfully earned a reputation as the ultimate in personal expression in terms of quality. Traditionally, two ideal options for customers hoping to bring these custom Amish tables, chairs, bedrooms sets (and so much more) home involves either visiting the craftsmen directly, or working cooperatively with a furniture store offering Amish furniture on display on the furniture store showroom floor.

Sadly, time and distance and the ordinary demands of life can interfere with the best laid plans for visiting a furniture store to observe just how appealing furniture crafted by artisans trained by their forefathers can be. A potential four-hour road trip (or more) for a first-hand visit with an Amish craftsman can be simply impossible to fit into a family schedule. And between work commitments, social events and weekends filled with family entertainment, it can be difficult to fit in a trip to a trusted furniture store offering a close working relationship with the skilled artisans behind the scenes. So what’s a customer to do? Fortunately, modern technology easily accessible on the nearest smart phone, tablet or personal computer provides a solution with a few keystrokes: online ordering.

Ordering custom Amish furniture online is a perfect alternative when it’s simply not possible for a customer to make a purchase in person. Even better, the same options that exist with a face-to-face encounter are available through a device touch screen or computer monitor. A wide range of wood finishes and types of wood can be selected for the desired chairs, rocking chairs, kitchen and dining room tables, end tables, beds, bedroom sets, coffee and end tables, office furnishings and so much more. Equally appealing, it’s entirely possible to order Amish furniture in very specific, personalized dimensions in many cases. Provide the dimensions for the desired piece of furniture after carefully measuring, and look forward to seeing the finished work in about twelve to thirteen weeks. (Construction and delivery times can vary widely in much the same way each piece of Amish furniture is unique, so patience is important throughout the process.) Return policies can vary widely, so it’s crucial to carefully read and understand individual online shopping policies before orders are placed through secure internet connections.

Having successfully completed the online ordering process for Amish furniture, it’s also valuable to know about delivery options. Direct home delivery is entirely possible, and in some cases there’s an option to request delivery at a specified time. Alternatively, if the furniture is ordered through a traditional brick-and-mortar furniture store, it’s entirely possible for customers to personally utilize an in-store pickup option, if desired, avoiding any added delivery charges. Ultimately, the goal of the seller is to make the entire shopping process as simple and satisfying as possible.

Customers throughout southeast Michigan have long-known the family-owned Jasen’s Fine Furniture in Roseville is a perfect place to find the exact Amish furniture pieces they’re looking for across the store’s massive two-story showroom. Online orders are welcome, too. Learn more by calling (586) 777-1717.

Amish Furniture Online Dealers

The presence of Amish furniture appearing in any home across the United States of America – coast to coast — represents a certain degree of recognition on the part of that particular homeowner for some of the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing furniture available on the market. There’s a good reason for that deep-seated appreciation for finely-crafted furniture. After all, traditional Amish furniture is hand-crafted by artisans that have learned from their fathers – who in turn learned from their fathers – about the traditional method of woodworking involved in transforming pieces of wood into stylish, durable home furnishings fit for passing from one generation of family members to the next generation.

Devotion to detail involved in the making of every piece of custom made Amish furniture – often constructed from carefully selected North American solid hardwoods (a comprehensive overall list that includes alder, ash, basswood, birch, butternut, cherry, hickory, hard maple, Pacific coast maple, soft maple, yellow poplar, red oak, white oak and walnut) is immediately evident. Rough edges, uneven cuts, poor fit, and an unevenly applied finish are typically strikingly absent from handmade Amish furniture; artisans and well-aware of these undesirable attributes and work patiently to guarantee nothing but the finest quality pieces will ever reach the homes of furniture store customers.

Amish-made furniture can reach customers through several different routes. Occasionally customers might connect with artisans directly in a face-to-face purchase. More frequently, prospective buyers might locate their desired furniture pieces through intermediaries working directly with the craftsman to bring their products to furniture store showrooms, where it’s possible to peruse a large selection without the need to travel for miles. As shopping via a personal computer, tablet, phone or other connected Internet device grows, a third convenient option involved in the search for the ideal piece of Amish furniture has grown in popularity: Amish furniture online dealers.

Simply shopping through the comfort of a keyboard and electronic screen, it’s entirely possible to bring a desired piece (or set) of furniture home at one’s leisure. Devout Amish craftsmen following the tenets of their beliefs, however, avoid the use of modern technological tools like cameras and computers. Visiting an individual Amish craftsman’s Web site simply isn’t an option, which makes the role of Amish furniture online dealers absolutely essential when it comes to making purchases. Online dealers selling Amish furniture are the ideal source for seeing just what is available in the market. There will be literally hundreds of product options available for display at the click of a button; personally traveling from furniture store to furniture store could be a month-long expedition.

Fortunately, finding reputable online Amish furniture dealers isn’t necessarily a daunting task. It begins with a keyword search, or perhaps friends, family members and co-workers can provide suggestions for a suitable online source presenting a wide array of products. There simply is no better way to begin the search for the perfect Amish furniture piece than by seeing what’s out there for sale in the virtual world.

Residents of Roseville and surrounding southeast Michigan communities can start their Amish furniture search at Jasen’s Fine Furniture, located at 27603 Gratiot in Roseville. Founded in 1951, the family-owned business offers a wide selection of Amish furniture made in Michigan on display in the store’s two-story showroom, along with a wide selection of products that can be viewed on the company’s Web site. Call the store today to learn more: (586) 777-1717.

Where to Buy Amish Furniture in Michigan

The presence of Amish furniture in any home reflects an appreciation on the part of the homeowner for some of the finer points in life; a commitment to the quality in the work of the piece blended seamlessly with undeniable comfort and a timeless appearance enhancing any room. After all, it’s a widely known fact that Amish furniture has always been crafted by hand in a time honored tradition of woodworking knowledge passed from one generation of craftsmen.

The necessary process of stitching, sewing, cutting, shaping and finishing are all completed by hand using non-powered tools, as demanded by the beliefs of the devout craftsmen. A wide variety of solid hardwoods – typically found exclusively in North American forests – are used to create the pieces, although customers can seek even more customized appearances by placing special orders usually delivered in a matter of weeks.

Make no mistake. Appeal is unmistakable, but Amish furniture isn’t available for purchase in every major furniture store across America. As befitting the unique nature of hand-made Amish furniture, pieces are usually available exclusively in specialized stores that have formed working relationships directly with Amish artisans. The question: Where to buy Amish furniture in Michigan?

There’s no need to travel hundreds of miles to locate an Amish community. Fortunately for the prospective customers calling southeast Michigan and surrounding communities home, there’s a place close by providing easy shopping options where Amish furniture is concerned. Featuring an enormous two-story showroom, Jasen’s Fine Furniture — located at 27603 Gratiot in Roseville, MI (48066) – has become a destination for guests seeking Amish furniture for many years. Not surprisingly, first-time Jasen’s Fine Furniture customers become lifetime customers after experiencing first-hand the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Savvy online shoppers recognize it’s possible to begin the research process by viewing photographs of Amish furniture from the comfort of their home computer or smart phone. There’s really no better way to truly appreciate the fine quality built into every piece of Amish furniture, however, and that’s a reality that’s made Jasen’s Fine Furniture an essential destination.

What can prospective customers expect to find upon entering the Roseville furniture store’s expansive showroom? Guests are pleasantly surprised to find the necessary Amish furnishings necessary to comfortably complete a home. The store displays an array of living room sets (including couches, chairs, and more), bedroom sets (bed frames and headboards, chest of drawers and more), end tables and coffee tables, entertainment centers, desks and desk chairs,  along with distinct nautically-themed wood charts that can decorate walls or complement coffee tables.

When it’s time to shop for Amish furniture, Jasen’s Fine Furniture’s reputation for offering a wide range of products merits a visit in-person to appreciate all the furniture store has to offer. Equally appealing, the business that’s been family-owned since 1951 can work directly with customers to create customize Amish furniture pieces that will provide a one-of-a-kind look perfect for passing from one generation of family members to the next.

Call Jasen’s Fine Furniture at (586) 777-1717 to learn more today.

Michigan Amish Furniture Stores

Home styling trends come, and those same home styling trends promptly go. What was described as the undeniable “must-have” piece of furniture prominently on display in the living room of yesterday is now hidden deep in the basement, far from the sight line of guests visiting today. Fortunately for the most style-savvy among us, there is also a timeless alternative in home décor that’s a perfect fit for any generation: Amish furniture.

Patiently crafted by hand by artisans often learning their finely-honed woodworking skills under the careful instruction from their fathers (who in turn, learned the same craft from their fathers), Amish furniture has earned a deserved reputation for quality craftsmanship and a dedication to excellence readily available at first glance. Simply sit down in a fashionable Amish-made rocking chair, for example, and there’s an immediate sensation that this same piece of furniture will be a family heirloom a century down the road.

Perhaps not as readily available as mass-produced, imported furniture found in major furniture stores across the United States of America, there is still some comfort for residents of the Great Lakes State looking to dramatically enhance their homes by purchasing time-tested furnishings often crafted from hardwoods found across North America. There are many Michigan Amish furniture stores providing the perfect destination for a memorable shopping experience, and there’s a great chance that location is easily within a comfortable driving distance. Customers living in southeast Michigan often shop at Jasen’s Fine Furniture in Roseville, Michigan (at 27603 Gratiot). The store telephone number is (586) 777-1717.

Surprisingly however, that fine Amish furniture being considered for purchase in a local furniture store showroom can be more traveled than the prospective shopper. While Michigan is home to an estimated Amish population numbering less than 15,000 in 2015 according to a quick Wikipedia search, nearby states like Ohio and Pennsylvania have dramatically higher number of Amish inhabitants.

Significantly higher numbers of the Amish population dwelling outside Michigan means that there’s a very good chance the various pieces of wood furniture – like living room and dining room sets, kitchen tables and chairs, entertainment centers, bedroom sets, office furnishings like desks and filing cabinets and so much more – have been hand-built by craftsman living in nearby states, including Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Regardless of the point of origins, customers opting to bring Amish furniture into their homes can rest assured an Amish commitment to quality is ingrained in every piece. Traditionally, woodworking skills are passed from one generation to the next, from father to son within the Amish community. Placing an emphasis on the use of hand tools and time-honored building traditions virtually unchanged from the methodology of their ancestors, Amish furniture reflects an unparalleled dedication to quality.

Available in traditional and contemporary styles, often along with a versatile ability to customize pieces in the type of wood and finish to create a truly unique and personalized look, Amish furniture is a homeowner’s statement about the desirability of timeless and enduring looks. That road to ownership and utter satisfaction rightfully begins within the Amish furniture showroom where quality is in evidence. Online images and photographs are fine, but there’s really no better way to do justice to Amish furniture than to see it in person.

Popular Amish Furniture Stores in Michigan

Democracy is in action in 2016, with prospective candidates from both political parties parading across the United States of America while they vie for the highest office in the land in a ritual every four years. There’s another way to the top of an entirely different list in the State of Michigan, however, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone looking for an enjoyable road trip across the Great Lakes State. The list is an utterly informal, totally unscientific collection of some of the must-see shopping destinations for customers looking to enhance the appeal of their home through the addition of timeless Amish furniture fit for generations of family members.

If you have a desire for a road trip around the state, with plenty of time for some enjoyable furniture shopping, here are a handful of popular Amish furniture stores in Michigan that are destinations to keep in mind. A call ahead to determine store hours is always recommended. In no particular order:

Jasen’s Fine Furniture – Conveniently accessible for customers throughout southeast Michigan and beyond, Jasen’s Fine Furniture at 27603 Gratiot in Roseville, Michigan 27603 is a community pillar. Founded in 1951as a home appliance store, the family-owned business has evolved to become a premier destination for Amish furniture shopping today. The enormous two-story showroom features hand-crafted Amish living room sets, dining room pieces, entertainment centers, bedroom furniture, desks, unique pieces and more. If more individualized pieces are desired, special ordering options exist. The company’s promise to excellence begins with an experienced staff hand-selecting every furniture piece to ensure unparalleled quality. Learn more by calling (586) 777-1717.

Benchley’s Amish Furniture – Nestled at 9425 Tobacco Drive in Clare, Michigan 48617, Benchley’s Amish Furniture and Gifts owner Joe Benchley states that his store is “A little out of the way … but worth it” and the proof is a picturesquely located 22,000 square-foot showroom featuring breathtaking furniture from over 150 Amish craftsmen. Many style choices include Traditional, Shaker, Mission, Cottage and Rustic. Various wood choices and stain selections are also available.

Amish Furniture and Gifts Warehouse – Positioned in downtown Cedar Springs, Amish Furniture and Gifts Warehouse at 141 South Main in Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319 is a premium supplier for the highest-quality Amish built furniture capable of enhancing any home for a lifetime. Family-owned, the business works closely with an estimated 60 Amish artisans living in Ohio. A solemn promise to customers visiting the store’s attractive showroom as stated on the company’s web site: there won’t be any need to “return furniture on a slow boat to China.”

Amish Reflections Inc. – The family-owned Amish Reflections Inc. at 54 Ashman Circle, Midland, Michigan 48640 offers some of the finest Amish furniture directly from the factory, effectively eliminating any potential middlemen and helping guarantee a welcome shopping experience. Naturally, customization in style, size and wood choices are available in most furniture pieces, helping fulfill a goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Treasures Forever – Located at 1003 E. Huron Road, AuGres, Michigan 48703, the family-owned Treasures Forever started from humble beginnings in a small store in 1994 that promptly expanded into a “Big Red Barn” in 1999. Today, the business features three floors of Amish crafted furniture ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and every point in between. Custom design options are also available.

Amish Furniture Stores

Quality-built and time-tested through generations, highly coveted Amish furniture made in the United States of America comes in a range of styles and pieces as varied as the homeowners that are proud to bring these furnishings through their front doors. Usually the first purchase isn’t the last. For example, when a consumer buys their first Amish-built dresser, it is a pretty good bet that a companion piece will be added shortly afterward when the buyer receives an up-close view of the care and attention to detail that went into the hand-made piece constructed of some of the finest wood selections. Just as varied as the Amish furniture choices available, so too is the pressing decision about matching the right customer to the perfect store – be it brick-and-mortar or an on-line buying option suited for a technology-savvy shopper.

Buying directly from the source – When it comes to buying Amish-made furniture, it is difficult to imagine a more appealing scenario than purchasing pieces directly from the craftsmen wielding the tools that transform wood into pieces of art. It’s important to understand that gaining access directly to Amish craftsman might require patience and perseverance, as it might require time to connect with one of the artisans. For example, an Amish lifestyle eschewing the use of e-mail communications could dramatically complicate a purchase with a customer living three states away and lacking necessary time for a road trip.

Specialty stores – Logistics alone might make a direct-from-the-source Amish furniture purchase too challenging to contemplate, but there’s another option perhaps presenting the best of both worlds. Specialty stores might serve essentially as Amish furniture stores, with the owners providing an essential intermediary role between craftsmen and customers. In addition to likely having a wide selection of Amish-made furniture in a showroom for display and purchase, specialty store owners are in contact with woodworkers and can place custom orders. Returns (when applicable) and concerns can be addressed to the specialty store’s experienced team, allowing for a virtually stress-free shopping experience. Jasen’s Fine Furniture (27603 Gratiot in Roseville, Michigan, 48066) has been a destination for decades for customers seeking a wide range of Amish-made furniture in Michigan and beyond. Call (586) 777-1717 for more information today.

Chain stores – Acting as a traditional option for customers seeking affordable, mass-produced home furnishings options that may or may not bear the “Made in U.S.A” designation, chain stores boast name recognition and are easily found throughout the country for easy accessibility. Large showrooms and a never-ending parade of new items virtually guarantee every visit reveals new discoveries that could potentially include a sampling of Amish-made furniture.

Internet-based stores – Few time-saving measures in life compare to the convenience of click-and-buy options, and Amish furniture shopping certainly falls in that category. There are Web sites dedicated to connecting customers to the Amish furniture choices, allowing shoppers to select the items they desire and then simply settle back and await delivery.

Regardless of the ultimate sales source responsible for enabling clients to connect with the Amish furniture they’ve aspired to own, it is safe to say the end result is a comfortable furnished home that will never look the same thanks to distinct hand-made furniture beyond compare.

Amish Furniture for Sale in Michigan

When it comes time to choosing the sort of furniture your heart desires for turning your humble abode into the sort of place friends and family members want to visit as frequently as possible, there are a nearly infinite number of choices. Perhaps your first shopping trip involves visiting a major national chain store, a regional grouping of stores best-known for horribly entertaining television commercials, a big-box store selling recliners and cleaning supplies in the same aisle, or even a discount retailer offering the latest styles – from a decade ago. Some of the most knowledgeable customers seeking to make a positive impression to guests visiting in their home recognize a better option: selecting quality Amish furniture.

Purchasing Amish-made furniture reflects a carefully made decision to enhance a home’s atmosphere with comfortable, stylish hand-made furniture bearing a built-in level of quality making all of these pieces – living room sets, dining room tables and chairs, entertainment centers, bedroom sets, coffee tables, end tables, desks and so much more – virtually unique. Crafted by local artisans that have learned their skills from their fathers (and their father’s fathers), Amish furniture represents a culmination of a generational work ethic that shines through with every piece proudly made in the U.S.A.

Finding Amish furniture for sale in Michigan can be a bit challenging, but the end results are worth it, based on the sheer word-of-mouth positive feedback shared by proud owners. Prospective shoppers uncertain where to begin the Amish furniture shopping process should always turn to some of the most reliable source first: family, friends and co-workers. Quick Internet searches can provide some results, too, along with the more traditional search through the telephone book. Possibly the most effective way to find the most highly-prized furniture selections, though, arrives in the form of a local specialty store where owners and the experienced sales team will listen, learn, and get to know your family needs and tastes personally. Chances are great there’s a store just like this open and ready to serve you in your area.

There are countless benefits to be gained from purchasing Amish furniture from a nearby specialty store carrying a large selection of contemporary and modern choices crafted to match individual tastes. Typically blessed with surprisingly low employee turn-over rates, specialty stores (often family-owned for generations) employ experienced, well-informed sales team members capable of discussing the wealth of advantages that come with every hand-made furniture purchase. These people listen to their customers, and can help direct these guests through the showroom to the furniture best-suited to individual needs. Even better, the person selling the furniture is there to help throughout the process, and will likely be there when it’s time to add additional furnishings in the home.

Any piece of Amish furniture brings with it a distinct look enhancing the ambience of your home. Doesn’t it make sense to purchase these unique pieces from a similarly distinct specialty store where customer needs are the top priority? The decision seems like an obvious one. Southeast Michigan residents have an easy choice, thanks to Jansen’s Fine Furniture in Roseville, Michigan. Located at 27603 Gratiot Roseville, MI 48066, the family-owned business has been serving generations of customers since opening in 1951. Learn more by calling (586) 777-1717.