Michigan Made Panoramic Fireplace

Michigan Made Panoramic Fireplace features art deco style yet warms the home with it’s fireplace.

Michigan Made Panoramic Fireplace

The Michigan made Panoramic fireplace features functional, yet modern clean lines.

The fireplace also features several color settings for any mood.

The finish is durable in addition to the art deco styling.

The console is shown are Oak, yet can be ordered on other wood species.

Oak features circular grain that consequently has more character.

No hardware is used although there are many other hardware choices if doors are added.

Drawers can be added in addition to any other specifications.

Furthermore, custom sizing, stains, wood specie, and hardware is available.

The Panoramic series can now be enjoyed in almost every room of the home!

Consequently, the wood species that are available include oak, maple, cherry, and more.

Hardware selections available are almost limitless.

Finally, the console is Michigan made, hence made in the USA!

H-34″ W-60″ D-18″

Amish Etagere

amish etagere

Amish Etagere features solid Brown Maple construction while the Smoke finish make it most noteworthy in appearance.

The Amish Etagere unique shelves go left to right hence it’s open concept style.

In addition to the open style the etagere comes with a large assortment of wood specie, and finishes.

There are nearly limitless choice for finishes while there are almost 100 stains to choose from.

Wood species while many, have almost limitless stain colors to accompany each style of wood grain.

Furthermore, each specie has unique stain colors that look ideal for each wood type.

Consequently the wood species available include: oak, brown maple, rustic cherry, cherry, quarter sawn white oak, and more!

H-71″ W-42″ D-14″

Amish Basket Bench

The Amish Basket Bench features unique, yet functional basket drawers on glides.

amish basket bench

Amish Basket Bench

The bench has modern lines while it utilizes old world woven baskets.

Baskets are on durable and consequently functional, full extension glides.

Glides are mounted under the baskets to retain the charm of the baskets.

The padding is included and the fabric shown enhances the weaved basket look.

Fabrics to choose from for the bench are numerous to almost a 1000 or more.

Solid wood construction will ensure that the bench will last for generations.

The bench is made entirely of Solid Brown Maple while shown in a timeless Tobacco stain.

There are many wood specie to choose from including Oak, Cherry, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Walnut, and more!

Furthermore, there are dozens of stain colors to choose from in each specie of wood.

Finally, the bench is made my the Amish, hence it’s made in the USA!

Bench Size: H-18″ W-53″ D-16″

Amish Drawer Bench

Amish Drawer Bench features practical yet stylish design.

Amish Drawer Bench

amish drawer bench

The bench features two full extension drawers and padded top.

The bench can be ordered in hundreds or almost thousands of fabrics and leathers.

The piece is constructed of entirely solid wood with an almost limitless amount of stains.

The bench is featured in solid oak in addition to the gray stain.

Furthermore, the hardware shown is a rustic iron, but there are hundreds of others to choose.

The item is made my the Amish, therefore it is USA made!

Also available in three drawer length.

Size: 18″H * 37″W * 16″D

Amish Barrel Coffee Table

Amish Barrel Table features rustic, yet modern appeal!

Amish Barrel Coffee Table

amish barrel coffee table

amish barrel coffee table

The barrel table comes standard with a lift top!

The table is made from a real, re-purposed whiskey barrel with cork included.

In addition to the barrel’s rustic charm the top is made of all rustic quarter sawn white oak.

The table is the perfect conversation piece for any home while being functional.

Furthermore, it can be ordered in dozens of stains to make it especially unique.

Last, the table is Amish and therefore made in the USA!

Table size: H 19″ – W 40″ – D 31″

Great Lakes Serving Tray

The Great Lakes serving tray takes your favorite woodchart map to your coffee table!

great lakes serving tray

Great Lakes Serving Tray

The Serving tray features all 5 of the Great lakes for an exciting way to carry drinks, snack, remotes, and more!

20 * 13″

Great Lakes Clock

The Great Lakes Clock features a unique, yet timeless single depth wood chart!

great lakes clock

Great Lakes Clock

The Great Lakes clock stands on it’s own as a wall hanging.

The clock shows almost complete details of the lakes depths and landmarks.

Don’t miss out on this piece for your home!

12″ diameter.

Great Lakes End Table

The Great Lakes End Table features unique while timeless design.

Great Lakes End Table

great lakes end table

The table showcases the ever popular Great Lakes Map while remaining functional.

The table features all solid oak construction.

Customers can order the table in any wood specie since it is custom.

As a result the table is available in dozens of stains in oak, maple, and cherry.

The map highlights the Great Lakes while the three dimensional appearance impresses.

This piece is truly a Jasen’s Furniture exclusive.

The table is made by our builders in Port Huron.

Finally, the table is available with any of the Woodchart Maps.

Made in Port Huron, Michigan!

Sizes: H-23″ W-24″ D-20″

Amish Round Top Trunk

Amish Round Top Trunk features timeless, yet unique style.

Amish Round Top Trunk

Amish Round Top Trunk

Features unique, yet classic design.

The trunk has planked construction in solid cherry.

The antique brass latches and rivets also add to its charm.

It’s straps make for an almost Old World look.

Consequently the trunk comes in a flat top also.

In addition to cherry the trunk can be ordered in many other wood species.

Finally, the trunk can be ordered in any stain color of your choice.

Other heirloom touches that can be ordered include custom engraving.

The trunk is Amish hence Made in USA!

H- 20″ W- 36″ D- 18″