• Flexsteel Henry
  • flexsteel henry sofa
    Flexsteel Henry Sofa
    Flexsteel Henry Sofa features all top-grain leather seating, with power chaise, headrest, & lumbar. The Henry also features Flexteel's Zero Gravity mechanism that elevates the legs to improve circulation and breathing. Available in 2 colors and as a loveseat or chair.
    H-44" W-86" D-41"
  • Omnia Venus
    Omnia Venus dual recline sofa with power headrest features crisp tailoring and clean lines while also having a compact size that will fit in most homes. Comes in your choice of 200 different top grain leathers on all panels and also comes in a sectional, loveseat, chair, and more! Made in USA!
    h: 42" w: 79" d: 37"
  • Omnia Power Solutions
    Omnia Power Solutions features a huge variety of configurations including several styles of arms and feet. Power Solutions comes standard with power chaise and headrest in your choice of 200 different leathers. Other pieces available in Power Solutions include Sofa, Loveseat, Sectionals, and more! Made in USA!
  • Omnia Connor
    Omnia Connor Recliner. Comes standard in 200 all top-grain leathers of your choice in manual, or power mechanisms. Matching Sofa, Loveseat, and sectional configurations are also available for order. Made in USA!
    h: 42" w: 40" d: 40"
  • Flexsteel Nirvana Sectional
    Nirvana reclining sectional comes in two fabric colors and is standard with power chaise and headrest. Also available in sofa, loveseat, and chair.
  • Flexsteel Nirvana
    Flexsteel Nirvana features power headrest & chaise with usb port. Comes in Grey or Brown fabric with heavy stitch. Also available as a sofa, loveseat, or sectional.
  • Flexsteel Willis
    Flexsteel Willis features Zero Gravity Mechanism that elevates the body to optimal comfort position. Comes standard in Power Chaise, Headrest, & Lumbar in 2 fabric colors.
    Chair: H: 43″ W: 37″ D: 43″
  • Flexsteel Jarvis
    Flexsteel Jarvis features zero gravity mechanism that optimizes neutral body position for maximum comfort. Comes standard with usb port, power chaise, headrest, and lumbar in 2 leather colors or 2 fabric colors.
    h-41" w-40" d-40"
  • Flexsteel Garrett
    Flexsteel Garrett comes in 2 colors of fabric and features zero gravity mechanism that optimizes neutral body position. Enjoy complete comfort with it's usb port, power chaise, headrest and lumbar!
    42"h 37"w 43"d
  • Flexsteel Brian
    Flexsteel Brian features zero gravity mechanism that elevates your body to the optimal neutral body position. Comes standard in 2 colors with unique contrast piping, usb port, power chaise, lumbar, and headrest!
    h-43" w-35" d-43"
  • Flexsteel Holton Recliner
    SOFA: 43"H 79"W 43"D
    LOVE SEAT: H: 43″ W: 57″ D: 43″
    CHAIR: H: 43″ W: 34″ D: 43″
  • Flexsteel Holton Sofa
    Flexsteel Holton Power headrest reclining sofa features continuous chaise through and clean padded track arm for the ultimate in style and comfort! The USB port allows you to charge your favorite devices while you relax in style. Available in Tan or Grey leather in sofa, loveseat, console loveseat, and chair.
    Sofa: 43"H 79"W 43"D
    Love seat: H: 43″ W: 57″ D: 43″
    Chair: H: 43″ W: 34″ D: 43″
  • Best Caitlin Leather Rocking Loveseat
    Caitlin Power Rocking Leather Loveseat features clean styling and beveled arm style with plush comfort. Available in 100's of fabrics, dozens of leathers and can be ordered as a sofa and chair. Made in USA!
    Loveseat: H-41.5″ W-83″ D-37″
  • Best Caitlin Leather Sofa
    Caitlin Power Leather Sofa features clean lines and modern beveled arm style. Shown in a supple yet durable grey leather that is sure to impress. Also available in rocking console loveseat and chair in 100's of fabrics and dozens of leathers. Made in USA!
    Sofa: H-41.5″ W-83″ D-37″
  • Flexsteel Arlo Sofa
    The Arlo Reclining Sofa features supportive comfort with it's power headrest, chaise, and lumbar! Available in 100's of fabrics, leather, love seat, chair, sectional, and more!
    Sofa: 44"H 87"W 45"D
    Love: 44"H 60"W 45"D
    Chair: 41"H 37"W 45"D
  • Flexsteel Arlo
    Arlo features supportive reclining comfort with power headrest, lumbar, and chaise! Available in 100's of fabrics as well as leather in your choice of sofa, chair, love seat, and sectional.
    Recliner: H: 41" W: 37" D: 45"
  • Best Bolt Sofa
    Best Bolt Sofa is the perfect compliment to the Bolt Chair! Features plush padding and seating that is sure to please anyone. Come is your choice of hundreds of fabrics with or without power chaise. Made in USA!
    H-45.5″ W-87″ D-41″
  • Best Kenley Sofa
    Best Kenley Sofa features space saving track arm that also adds modern styling with classic reclining comfort! The sofa comes in your choice of 100s of fabrics in manual or power mechanisms. Matching reclining chairs or loveseats are also available. Made in USA!
    H-44″ W-81″ D-40″
  • Best Unity
    Best Unity features solid foam padded arms, continuous streamlined padded chaise, and comfort. Comes in 100s of fabrics or Leather in a wide variety of mechanisms. Made in USA!
    H-43″ W-40.5″ D-39″
  • Best Kinetix
    Best Kinetix features classic wood arm recliner design with modern appointments to it's styling. Available in four wood finishes for the arms and in 100's of fabrics of your choice! Made in the USA!
  • Best Kersey
    Best Kersey features clean contemporary styling and small scale- perfect for spare rooms or accent chairs. Only available in Power Swivel Glide or Swivel Glide mechanisms. Comes in your choice of 100s of fabrics! Made in USA!
    H-39" W-32" D-37"
  • Best Hillarie
    Best Hillarie features rolled back with contemporary track arms. Comes in your choice of 100's of fabrics or leather with a variety of mechanisms including power tilt headrest! Made in USA!
    H-42" W-34" D-36.5"
  • Huntington House 8109-PRC
    Huntington House 8109-PRC recliner features solid Russian Birch Frame and 8 way hand tied double cone spring system for the ultimate reclining comfort! Available in 100's of fabrics or leather and sixteen different finishes for the legs. Made in USA!
    42"H 34"W X 42"D
  • Flexsteel Sadie
    Flexsteel Sadie features the ultimate in tech meets comfort! The recliner comes with power headrest, power lumbar, and power chaise! You can control the chair with it's module on the side or download the Flexsteel MyRecline app for the ultimate experience. The app allows you to make programmable positions as well as having the controls in front of you! Comes in your choice of sturdy Tan or Grey designer fabric with Baseball stitch tailoring!!
    H-41' W-32' D-41'
  • Best Costilla
    Best Costilla features sleek mid-century modern style and compact size that will fit into any home. Available in matching reclining sofa and loveseat and each piece comes in your choice of 100s of fabrics or leather. Made in USA!
    H-39″ W-31″ D-34″
  • Best Caitlin
    Best Caitlin recliner features foam padded arms with contemporary style. Available in 100s of fabrics with your choice of several different mechanisms including Reclining Power Swivel Glider! Made in USA!
    H:41" W:37" D:36.5"
  • Best Romulus
    Best Romulus features plush padded back and arms yet is ideal for small to medium size homes! Come in your choice of 100's of fabrics in SPACE SAVER SWIVEL, GLIDER, POWER LIFT, ROCKER RECLINER, SWIVEL ROCKER, POWER ROCKER RECLINER, POWER SPACE SAVER, & POWER SWIVEL GLIDER.
    H-42″ W-37.5″ D-38.5″
  • Best Bolt
    Best Bolt recliner features plush tufted back and generously padded arms, perfect for lounging. Available in many mechanisms including: space saver, rocker, swivel, and power swivel. Comes in 100's of fabrics to choose from. Made in USA!
    H-46" W-42" D-40.5"
  • Huntington House 8103-prc
    Recliner features long lasting perfect comfort with it's eight way hand tied double cone spring system and all solid Russian Birch hard wood frame! Shown in Top Grain leather on all panels, but comes in your choice of designer fabrics as well. Made in Hickory, NC.
    Recliner: 42"H X 29"W X 40"D
  • flexsteel rio sofa
    Flexsteel Rio Sofa
    The reclining sofa and loveseat feature power chaise and lumbar! The Rio is available in fabric in addition to leather. The pieces available in the series include sofa, loveseat, console loveseat, chair, and sectional. Each seat features two switches and usb charging port for ultimate comfort! The two switches enable control for the chaise and headrest! Each seat features so much control that the positions are nearly limitless.
    Sofa: H 42″ W 88″ D 39″
    Console Loveseat: H 42″ W 76″ D 39″
  • omnia fairfield
    Omnia Fairfield
    Omnia Fairfield Recliner Chair features power reclining with nail heads. The chair can be ordered in over 200 leathers and several nailhead colors! Matching Sofa, Loveseat, and Sectional configurations are available. Made in USA!
    H- 40" W- 40" D-40"
  • best prima
    Best Prima
    The Prima features simple yet elegant styling along with the square arms and tapered legs. The high leg recliner comes in power however, but also manual. The reclining chair exudes elements of Mid-Century design while maintaining enough traditional. The seat cushion features encased coil springs hence long lasting comfort. Fabrics that are available are nearly limitless with nearly 700 to choose from. The feet finishes are another option that include walnut, black, and riverloom. Made in Ferdinand, IN USA.
    Chair size: H-45" W-33" D-37.5"
  • flexsteel zoey
    Flexsteel Zoey
    The Zoey comes with power headrest and chaise for maximum comfort. The recliner comes upholstered in a supple, pebbled, dark brown or grey top grain leather. This product also comes with Flexsteel's robust lifetime warranty on the springs, frame, mech, foam, and 5 years on electrical. The controls are simple, yet functional with a home button to reset the chair. In addition to being reliable yet comfortable the chair also has a USB port for charging. Overall dimensions of the sofa: 43"H x 85"W x 43"D. Overall dimensions of the chair: 43"H x 41"W x 43"D.
  • flexsteel hercules
    Flexsteel Hercules
    Flexsteel Hercules is designed for larger individuals that demand more from their recliner chairs! The Hercules features clean tailored panel arms and luxuriously styled biscuit style back. Flexsteel boasts that this chair will accommodate occupants weighing up to 400 pounds. The recliner comes in a large variety of fabrics that are very durable and sometimes even stain resistant. There are two mechanism choices for the Hercules including wall saving and power wall saving. The chair can also have a USB charging port added to the power reclining option. The Hercules will meet or exceed your expectations for those that need a chair that will last for people that find chairs big enough to fit them!
    H:47" W:41" D:44"
  • flexsteel Rio
    Flexsteel Rio
    Flexsteel Rio.
    The Rio is a unique chair with it's layered track arm that highlights it's lines. The chair is available in multiple mechanisms to ensure anyone can find the right feel! Mechanisms that are available on the Rio include rocking, wallhugging, power recline, power recline with power headrest, and swivel glider recliner. The recliner can be ordered in 100's of fabrics of your choice.
    H:42" W:38" D:41"
  • flexsteel devon
    Flexsteel Devon
    Flexsteel Devon.
    This reclining series features transitional styling with it's tufted back and black nickel nail trim. The series can also be ordered with out the nail heads or in any fabrics and leathers. The Devon is also available in a sofa, loveseat, console loveseat, and chair. Each piece has multiple mechanisms that are available for a large assortment of combinations for your room. The set can also be ordered with power reclining chaise and power reclining headrests. Lastly, the power reclining with power headrests feature comes with a USB port for charging your devices while you relax!
    Sofa: 42H * 84W * 41D
    Loveseat: 42H * 60W * 41D
    Console Loveseat: 42H * 72W * 41D
    Chair: 41H * 34W * 40D
  • flexsteel clive
    Flexsteel Clive
    Flexsteel Clive
    The Flexsteel Clive recliner features power reclining, power headrest, and a power lumbar. The recliner is the ultimate in adjustable comfort with it's three different powered areas. The chaise on the recliner is unique, yet practical because it extends out as the chair reclines. The chair comes in your choice of suede like fabric (as shown on our floor) or leather. The remote for the chair can be stored in a pocket on the side of the chair and also features a USB port for charging!
    H- 43" W- 43" D- 36"
  • flexsteel catalina sectional
    Flexsteel Catalina Sectional
    Flexsteel Sectional features bolstered seating, padded chaise footrests, power reclining, and tilt headrests. The series also has a number of different pieces that are sure to accommodate your home's needs. In addition, an added benefit to the power is the usb ports located on the control pad for reclining. You can charge your favorite devices while you relax. The sectional can even be ordered as a home theater style seating. Optional console pieces that feature cup holders can be used to make a home theater. Console pieces are also a great addition to the sectional based configurations!
  • amish mission recliner
    Amish Recliner
    The recliner features solid oak construction while the sturdy designer fabric has a leather-like appearance. The chair demonstrates old world style, yet a modern gray stain that's sure to wow your guests. The recliner only uses the very best materials for it's foam seating, mechanism, and coverings. Options for the chair while many are: the wood specie of your choice with any stain color, 100's of fabrics, and dozens of leathers. Made in USA by real Amish craftsman with detail to every aspect from lumber selection to tailoring.
  • Best Joanna Recliner
    Best Joanna Recliner
    Best Joanna Recliner features wingback traditional styling with modern tapered legs to combine for a transitional appeal. Recliner also features coil spring seat cushions with plush 2 pillow back. Recliner is also available in power or manual mechanisms with your choice of 100's of fabrics or leather. Made in USA!
    Recliner: H-43.5" W-33.5" D-38.5"
  • Best Codie
    Best Codie Recliner
    Best Codie Recliner is a petite recliner, but is also suited for medium sized recliners. Features 2 pillowed back designed to support the neck and back. Available in Fabric or Leather in your choice of Power and non-powered rocker and wallhugging mechanisms, swivel glider recliner, and swivel rocker recliner. Made in USA!
    Recliner: 41.5"h 32"w 34.5"d
  • Best Sondra
    Best Sondra
    Best Sondra.
    The smaller scaled Sondra recliner is styled for the more petite person. The Best Home Furnishings gravity operated reclining mechanism is easy to use, and the multiple base options available allows you to customize your comfort. Available in 100's of fabrics. Comes as a Space Saver, Swivel Glider Recliner, Power Space Saver, Rocker Recliner, Swivel Rocker Recliner, and Power Rocker Recliner. Weight limit 250lbs as lift or power chair.
    Made in USA!
    H: 38 W: 32" D: 34
  • Best Bodie Leather Reclining Sofa
    Best- Bodie. MADE IN USA!!
    Sofa: H-41" W-86.5" D-39"
    Console Love: H-41" W-76" D-39"
    Reclining Sofa and Loveseat can be ordered in fabric or leather/vinyl, and can be ordered in power reclining for additional luxury. Reclining Loveseat can also be ordered with center console that has cupholders and with/without storage drawer below. Matching chair is also available as a swivel-glide, swivel-rock, wallhugger, power, and rocking recliner. Warranties: Seat Cushion & Springs 1.5 years. Frame and Mechanism LIFE.
  • Best Troubador
    Best- Troubador.
    MADE IN USA!! Height: 45" Width: 43" Depth: 41.5" The BEAST series by Best Chair is for people who need a larger chair. Chair comes in a variety of fabrics, lift-chair, wallhugger, and rocking recliner. Warranties: Seat Cushion & Springs 1.5 years. Frame and Mechanism LIFE.
  • Best Rake
    Best- Rake.
    MADE IN USA!! Height: 49.5" Width: 45.5" Depth: 47" The BEAST series by Best Chair is for people who need a larger chair. Chair comes in a variety of fabrics, leathers, and is only available as a wallhugger. Warranties: Seat Cushion & Springs 1.5 years. Frame and Mechanism LIFE.
  • Best Roscoe
    Best- Roscoe. MADE IN USA!!
    Height: 45.5" Width: 44.5" Depth: 43" The BEAST series by Best Chair is for people who need a larger, heavier duty chair. Chair comes in a variety of fabrics, lift-chair, wallhugger, and rocking recliner. Lift chair has a 350lb weight limit. Warranties: Seat Cushion & Springs 1.5 years. Frame and Mechanism LIFE.
  • Best Todd
    Best- Todd.
    Overall - Height: 40.5" Width: 33" Depth: 36.5". Petite sized rocker-recliner. Can be ordered in hundreds of fabrics and as a wallhugger, swivel-glider, swivel-rocker, and a lift chair.