Amish Furniture Prices

Casually mention the process for Amish furniture shopping among most social circles, and there’s a fairly good chance at least one person in the party will take note of a perceived price difference between the unique pieces crafted by the hands of talented artisans and those furniture options mass produced in factories far from the welcoming coast of the United States of America. In other words, there is the mistaken belief among far too many people that price is the sole deciding factor when it comes to a home furnishings purchase, regardless of the quality of the furniture in question.

In reality, there is nothing further from the truth where affordable furniture purchases are concerned. For the most part, Amish furniture choices carry with them surprisingly affordable price tags, especially when prospective shoppers factor in the intangible level of quality that helps transform practically every piece of Amish furniture into a future family heirloom, to be proudly passed from one generation to the next in a family.

The best way to illustrate this practical approach to contemplating Amish furniture prices is to consider the hypothetical home owner that proudly proclaims “I only buy the cheapest furniture that money can buy.” This frugal shopper probably faces the daunting prospect of replacing these inexpensive pieces of furniture at least every four or five years, as bargain-basement furniture is understood to have a lifespan of effectiveness dramatically reduced in comparison to the typical piece of furniture. Cushions tend to become compressed; wooden frames crack; stains fail to protect the finish; and of course, use of less-than-quality components contribute to a sense of planned obsolescence in pieces likely consisting mostly of particle board.

Conversely, a wise furniture shopper can instantly recognize the highest level of quality upon a first close encounter in the furniture showroom. While inexpensive furniture items must be replaced with alarming (and expensive) regularity, a typical piece of Amish furniture that’s proudly built to last by Amish craftsmen in a time-honored tradition will in all likelihood be purchased one time per generation. From a practical perspective, these pieces – like couches, bed frames, end tables, coffee tables and so much more – are built to last for the duration of a generation. There’s no need to continue replacing these pieces on a regular basis, as those furniture choices are likely to last the life of the home.

The benefit from purchasing Amish furniture is crystal clear. Manufactured by hand by craftsmen utilizing hand tools in the time-tested tradition advocated by a faith that prefers to avoid employing modern technology, Amish-built furniture is a solid investment in the future. The wisdom of the purchase is unquestioned, but what’s left unspoken is the intangible qualities that are inherently built into every single piece of Amish furniture.

Comfort? Undeniable. Amish furniture is built by hand by fellow human beings that understand what separates comfortable furniture from decidedly unwelcoming pieces. Factor in the great looks and welcoming appearance of Amish furniture and the end result is a winning choice against all competitors.

Amish Urban Gray Tables

Amish Urban Gray Tables feature modern gray stain and sleek style.

Amish Urban Gray Tables

amish urban gray tables

The tables feature solid post legs, full extension glide drawers, and modern gray stain.

The pieces can be ordered in any wood specie and stain hence you will find the look that works for your home!

The series is very modern, yet will lasts for generations for a complete heirloom style.

Furthermore, the tables can be ordered without drawers for a reduced price if needed.

The wood species that are available include oak, maple, cherry, quarter sawn white oak, elm, walnut, and more!

The hardware featured is a sleek black pipe-style pull that perfectly balances the square style of the set.

There are many hardware choices available upon special order if you want to personalize your tables even more!

Since the tables are Amish they are all USA made!

Amish Shoe Storage Chest

Amish Shoe Storage Chest is the perfect foyer or mud room piece for your family or home.

amish shoe storage chest

Amish Shoe Storage Chest

The Amish Shoe Storage chest is a practical, yet beautiful addition to any active home.

The piece features full extension glides to reveal shelving for all of your families shoes.

The chest can be ordered in any size that a customer specifies.

This special piece can be ordered in any wood specie, color, and hardware of your choice.

Wood species available for ordering include, but are not limited to: oak, maple, cherry, elm, quarter sawn white oak, and more.

Lastly, the chest is all constructed entirely of solid wood and made in the USA!

Amish Furniture – the Difference

It’s often been said that there’s never any second chance opportunity at making a very first initial impression. After all, that first encounter can never be repeated. The same guidelines apply to that very first close encounter with Amish furniture, in a memorable process that can never be replicated. The overall initial experience is one that’s utterly unique, and more than likely to leave a positive impression that is capable of resonating for years and years to come. The proof? That stems from the simple fact that Amish furniture customers tend to become repeat Amish furniture customers, as they’re inclined to continue coming back for more.

So, what is a first impression of Amish furniture like? There’s an undeniable distinguishing factor involved in this process; call it Amish furniture – the difference.  Stepping into any furniture store carrying an adequate selection of Amish-crafted furniture (and sorry, online shoppers but there’s simply no way in the world to supply the full suite of sensory impressions through the virtual world), it begins with the scent. Make no mistake. In the same way that freshly cut grass provides an invigorating sense of freshness, there is also an undeniably appealing scent of wood fresh from workshop that fills the furniture showroom. It’s a combination of freshly sawn wood, stain, varnish and a medley of other scents, all flawlessly blended into a sense of olfactory delights.

Naturally the nose can tell a compelling tale where Amish furniture is concerned, but at the end of the day it’s fair to say that the eyes ultimately have it. And those eyes never lie. Simply gazing upon any piece of Amish furniture on display in a showroom, there is a distinct impression of overall quality. The color palette is a pleasing one that traces roots to carefully chosen pieces of wood matched with the appropriate stain or varnish – an endless variety of choices helping guarantee that the piece of furniture can always match the home’s interior – a true home interior decorator’s dream come true.

Far more important than any color is the quality of the work and that trait is paramount where Amish furniture is concerned. Surfaces are sanded and smooth to the touch, with no rough edges or mars in the wood within sight. Joints are seamlessly joined together in a perfect display of attention to detail that traces back to the Amish craftsman often trained by his own family members.

Hardware choices reflect careful deliberation on the part of the artisan. Do the selections match the character of the wood? In other words, if the piece is striving for an antique appearance, do the hardware selections match the time of the furnishing? Invariably when Amish furniture is concerned, the answer is an overwhelming “yes” in every instance.

The end result from viewing Amish furniture for the first time is an unmistakable impression of quality. There’s an intangible impression of permanence; the Amish furniture pieces appear to be built to last, with pieces destined to become family heirlooms passed from one generation of family members to the next.

Amish Furniture History

The modern furniture industry is a global one, all-too-often focused on mass production of generic products produced by poorly compensated employees often working in third-world conditions. Individuality of the products, along with the unique characteristics separating one individual furniture piece from all others is systematically stamped out, ensuring a general uniformity in all cases.

As for the products? Those consistently average pieces celebrating nothing but the routine are shipped over long ocean voyages, potentially waiting in transit for weeks (or worse) before reaching the first part of a shipping process that could involve coast-to-coast travel. The only certainty is that the “Made proudly in the U.S.A” notification is certain to be missing.

Providing a running counterpoint to run the of mill mass furniture production operating overseas is a tale made entirely in the United States of America, through the contribution of Amish craftsmen dedicated to their Amish furniture trade. Living in states throughout the north eastern U.S. in and around the Great Lakes, in a list of destinations that includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Wisconsin, Amish artisans living in their local communities have a long-established reputation for producing exquisite pieces of furniture from their individual woodworking shops. Each piece – be it a dining room table, dresser, home office desk, entertainment center or anything else in between – embodies all the finest attributes of the master woodworker behind the scenes, with an attention to detail and precision in construction like no imported competitor.

What’s the hidden secret to success built into the very fabric of Amish furniture history? Simple. It begins and ends with the craftsmen involved. The Amish woodworkers are practitioners of a time-tested Christian faith that eschews many modern technological conveniences, preferring instead to use tools and equipment that don’t depend on electricity. While hand-powered tools are suitable for use, it’s almost a certainty that any modern amenities will be left by the wayside.

Just as important as the tools, it’s important to consider the general path followed by the Amish artisans. These individuals – universally teenage boys – learn their profession not from a trade school, but from their most respected mentors: their relatives.  These aspiring artists conclude their formal education in accordance with their faith, leaving their formal education behind to pursue a practical education. They instead focus on learning under the watchful instruction of their grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and elder brothers, continuing a long-established tradition.

This approach is in accordance with the beliefs of the Amish community that is frequently misunderstood in the greater American community. Beyond brief forays into popular culture through reality television and occasional major motion pictures (the film “Witness” starring Harrison Ford comes to mind immediately), practitioners of the Amish faith tend to follow their beliefs with a quiet dignity.

Equally unspoken – but an integral presence throughout the building process — is the commitment of Amish craftsmen to deliver products offering the highest level of quality for every piece of Amish furniture coming from workshops. There’s an undeniable reassurance in knowing that every piece of Amish furniture available for purchase comes from the hands of woodworkers trained intimately in the ways of their craft.

Amish Royal Bedroom

Amish Royal Bedroom

Amish Royal Bedroom features smooth full extension glides on all dovetailed drawers.

amish royal bedroom

The solid wood bedroom is also shown with the storage platform bed option.

The bed has massive post legs and each edge has been thoughtfully routered for great detail.

The bedroom is constructed entirely of solid brown maple, however you can order it in any wood specie you like.

Besides the wood specie, you can also choose any stain color you like for your own personal touch.

The drawers are dovetailed, finished inside and out, and have brushed pewter pulls.

Finally, you can also pick your own hardware from an extensive catalog with 100’s of styles.

Made in the USA!

Dresser: 38″h 61″w 21″d

Mirror: 46″h 45″w

Chest: 58″h 39″w 21″d

Queen Bed: Headboard-60″h, Footboard-30″h, 68″w 92″l

Night Stand: 29″h 24″w 19″d

Amish Clip Pub Table and Swivel Counter Chairs

Amish Clip Pub Table

amish clip pub

The Amish Clip Pub Set features solid oak construction throughout and special gray stain to give your area a modern lift.

The counter swivel chairs feature memory swivel mechanisms so that the seat stays where you last left it.

The set can be ordered in any wood specie, stain, and sizes you wish!

The wood species available are oak, brown maple, rustic cherry, quarter sawn white oak and more.

Once you have your size and wood specie you can choose from dozens of beautiful, yet timeless stain colors.

The chairs can also be ordered with padded seats.

You can select any of the 100’s of fabrics or dozens of leathers for the chairs.

If you have your own material do not hesitate to bring it in and the Amish will upholster the seat with your materials!

Made in the USA!

Table specifications: H- 36″ W- 36″ D- 48″

Amish Furniture Quality

At the very end of the day, any self-respecting customer will admit to having a feeling of loathing when it comes to contemplating disposable furniture. After all, unless you are predisposed to replacing your home furnishings on a whim, there is virtually no desire to be forced to contemplate a wholesale home furnishing process on anything beyond the rarest of all occasions.

Of course, remaking a home’s decor is not always a voluntary choice. In some instances, poor choices – specifically regarding poor furniture quality – can necessitate the furniture replacement process. And it is not a case of planned obsolescence, where it is generally understood that outdated pieces of furniture are simply replaced as a matter of course. Sadly, selecting poor quality furniture that either fails or is cosmetically unappealing can be the impetus for reshaping a home’s furnishings.

Fortunately, there is a solution for harried homeowners weary of replacing tired and worn out furniture, and it begins with an understanding – and appreciation – for Amish furniture. That is because Amish furniture quality is unparalleled in the industry. The most compelling piece of evidence for that bold statement stems from the simple fact that Amish furniture is built to last. Frequently Amish furniture – whether it is living room pieces, couches, rocking chairs and gliders, dining room and kitchen tables, bedroom sets and home office furnishings – are passed from one generation of family members to another, reflecting an understood quality for family heirlooms.

The distinguishing aspects of Amish furniture quality begin with the materials used. Having a solid preference for hardwoods originating from the mature forests of North America, These wood selections – including oak, maple, cherry, walnut and hickory – provide a perfect choice for constructing furniture; no fragile particle board is involved in this process.

Beyond the choice of materials is a second, equally important factor in determining Amish furniture quality – the human factor. Amish furniture is crafted by Amish craftsmen that have learned their trade in a time-honored tradition, learning from their elder family members. Fathers educate sons; uncles inform nephews in an educational process that emphasizes the use of non-powered tools and frowns upon the use of electrically powered equipment. And throughout the building process, human eyes and human hands are continually evaluating the labors of love, making certain that finishes are applied properly, hardware is securely attached and the level of excellence is upheld, making the pieces worthy of the title “Amish furniture.”

From a cost efficiency perspective, there’s no doubt quality furniture might carry a slightly higher up-front cost. But electing to purchase furniture that arrives with a higher level of quality also means purchasing furniture far less frequently. That’s because Amish furniture is built to last. So in reality, purchasing Amish furniture represents an argument for a long-term commitment to pieces built to last for the duration.

Isn’t it the appropriate time to revaluate furniture purchases, with a greater emphasis on quality Amish furniture that’s built to last for not just one generation but many? It’s a gift that will continue giving with a massive degree of comfort for a long time to come.

Amish Furniture Hardware

Simply mention the words “Amish furniture” and a certain image likely arises for the typical listener, featuring carefully crafted pieces of furniture born from the hard woods tracing direct roots from the forests of North America. These home furnishings – easy chairs and couches, dining room and kitchen tables, bedroom sets and individual pieces, coffee tables and end tables, home office equipment like desks and computer chairs and unique themed decorations – present a complete package following an initial visual inspection.

But there is far more than meets the eye following the first cursory glance at virtually any piece of Amish furniture. While the careful detailing and focus on flawless craftsmanship can be immediately observed, there are certainly some extremely subtle contributions that can easily go unnoticed to the untrained observer. Bringing these aspects to the forefront can only enhance an already undeniable attractiveness, and build upon a mystique surrounding Amish furniture that focuses on the potential for passing pieces from one generation to the next.

After all, hand-crafted Amish furniture is built to last, thanks in part to the very careful selection of building materials like hardwoods that include oak, maple, cherry, coupled with proper maintenance. (Underestimating the value of the proper finish be it paint, stain, varnish or another choice can radically undermine the prospects of making the Amish furniture piece in question capable of being passed from one generation to the next.) Just as important as the wood selection is the Amish furniture hardware that is selected by the craftsmen to complete the overall package. And since these pieces of hardware represent the first touch point for the average consumer, it’s important that these accompaniments must engender the same impression of overall quality. These hardware pieces complete the overall positive impression of any piece of Amish furniture, contributing dramatically to the mystique of antique-looking furniture, something entirely contemporary or a blending for a delicate balance lying somewhere strategically placed in the middle.

What are some of the furniture hardware pieces in question, that represent the sum of all the parts that make an Amish furniture piece complete?  The list is a widely varied one that includes top knobs for dressers that come in a wide array of finishes that include rust, pewter, copper, bronze and antique brass, bed bumpers and coasters, glide hardware pieces, casters and toe caps.

All of these components and so many more complete the overall package, and each individual element can help contribute to making any piece of Amish furniture into a prospective family heirloom ideal for passing on to a future generation of the family. And it’s important to remember that every Amish piece of furniture is created by hand in the artisan’s workshop, where that artist learned his trade in the time-honored tradition of learning from family members. In other words, fathers instruct their sons in the fine art of woodworking.

This time-tested tradition helps the practicing Amish adhere to their faith that frowns upon the use of modern technological amenities that includes electrically powered tools and the ensuing obligatory electrical connections. Bearing these guidelines in mind, it becomes possible to appreciate Amish furniture to an even greater degree.

Amish Gray Curio

Amish Gray Curio features a modern twist on a beautiful style.

amish gray curio

Amish Gray Curio

The curio features solid oak construction as well as tube light and glass adjustable shelves.

The two doors feature unique rustic hardware suitable for a rustic style.

Other hardware styles are available on special order.

The cabinet is solid oak, but can be ordered in any wood specie and stain of your choice.

Wood species that are available, but not limited to maple, cherry, quarter sawn white oak, elm, hickory, and more.

Custom sizing is available as well as other standard sizes for special ordering.

Other options available on the curio include hinge three way touch lighting, beveled glass, and more!

Made in the USA!