Flexsteel Cute chair features Marriage of familiar warmth yet contemporary structure.

Flexsteel Cute

flexsteel cute

Sharp and understated, Cute delivers a contemporary style while just a hint of traditional flair.

Slim arms and crisp architectural lines almost make this piece a timeless addition to any home.

Its chic, welcoming silhouette will, most of all, look clean and sophisticated for years to come.

The high leg style consequently makes for a great accent to the Digby series.

The legs are shown in Florentine while available in several other finishes.

Styling of the chair is compact therefore it will fit in a variety of homes.

Fabrics available for the chair are almost limitless from the 1000’s available.

Finally, the matching ottoman also makes the chair even more comforting.

Size: 39″H x 29″W x 35″D