Home styling trends come, and those same home styling trends promptly go. What was described as the undeniable “must-have” piece of furniture prominently on display in the living room of yesterday is now hidden deep in the basement, far from the sight line of guests visiting today. Fortunately for the most style-savvy among us, there is also a timeless alternative in home décor that’s a perfect fit for any generation: Amish furniture.

Patiently crafted by hand by artisans often learning their finely-honed woodworking skills under the careful instruction from their fathers (who in turn, learned the same craft from their fathers), Amish furniture has earned a deserved reputation for quality craftsmanship and a dedication to excellence readily available at first glance. Simply sit down in a fashionable Amish-made rocking chair, for example, and there’s an immediate sensation that this same piece of furniture will be a family heirloom a century down the road.

Perhaps not as readily available as mass-produced, imported furniture found in major furniture stores across the United States of America, there is still some comfort for residents of the Great Lakes State looking to dramatically enhance their homes by purchasing time-tested furnishings often crafted from hardwoods found across North America. There are many Michigan Amish furniture stores providing the perfect destination for a memorable shopping experience, and there’s a great chance that location is easily within a comfortable driving distance. Customers living in southeast Michigan often shop at Jasen’s Fine Furniture in Roseville, Michigan (at 27603 Gratiot). The store telephone number is (586) 777-1717.

Surprisingly however, that fine Amish furniture being considered for purchase in a local furniture store showroom can be more traveled than the prospective shopper. While Michigan is home to an estimated Amish population numbering less than 15,000 in 2015 according to a quick Wikipedia search, nearby states like Ohio and Pennsylvania have dramatically higher number of Amish inhabitants.

Significantly higher numbers of the Amish population dwelling outside Michigan means that there’s a very good chance the various pieces of wood furniture – like living room and dining room sets, kitchen tables and chairs, entertainment centers, bedroom sets, office furnishings like desks and filing cabinets and so much more – have been hand-built by craftsman living in nearby states, including Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Regardless of the point of origins, customers opting to bring Amish furniture into their homes can rest assured an Amish commitment to quality is ingrained in every piece. Traditionally, woodworking skills are passed from one generation to the next, from father to son within the Amish community. Placing an emphasis on the use of hand tools and time-honored building traditions virtually unchanged from the methodology of their ancestors, Amish furniture reflects an unparalleled dedication to quality.

Available in traditional and contemporary styles, often along with a versatile ability to customize pieces in the type of wood and finish to create a truly unique and personalized look, Amish furniture is a homeowner’s statement about the desirability of timeless and enduring looks. That road to ownership and utter satisfaction rightfully begins within the Amish furniture showroom where quality is in evidence. Online images and photographs are fine, but there’s really no better way to do justice to Amish furniture than to see it in person.