The presence of Amish furniture in any home reflects an appreciation on the part of the homeowner for some of the finer points in life; a commitment to the quality in the work of the piece blended seamlessly with undeniable comfort and a timeless appearance enhancing any room. After all, it’s a widely known fact that Amish furniture has always been crafted by hand in a time honored tradition of woodworking knowledge passed from one generation of craftsmen.

The necessary process of stitching, sewing, cutting, shaping and finishing are all completed by hand using non-powered tools, as demanded by the beliefs of the devout craftsmen. A wide variety of solid hardwoods – typically found exclusively in North American forests – are used to create the pieces, although customers can seek even more customized appearances by placing special orders usually delivered in a matter of weeks.

Make no mistake. Appeal is unmistakable, but Amish furniture isn’t available for purchase in every major furniture store across America. As befitting the unique nature of hand-made Amish furniture, pieces are usually available exclusively in specialized stores that have formed working relationships directly with Amish artisans. The question: Where to buy Amish furniture in Michigan?

There’s no need to travel hundreds of miles to locate an Amish community. Fortunately for the prospective customers calling southeast Michigan and surrounding communities home, there’s a place close by providing easy shopping options where Amish furniture is concerned. Featuring an enormous two-story showroom, Jasen’s Fine Furniture — located at 27603 Gratiot in Roseville, MI (48066) – has become a destination for guests seeking Amish furniture for many years. Not surprisingly, first-time Jasen’s Fine Furniture customers become lifetime customers after experiencing first-hand the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Savvy online shoppers recognize it’s possible to begin the research process by viewing photographs of Amish furniture from the comfort of their home computer or smart phone. There’s really no better way to truly appreciate the fine quality built into every piece of Amish furniture, however, and that’s a reality that’s made Jasen’s Fine Furniture an essential destination.

What can prospective customers expect to find upon entering the Roseville furniture store’s expansive showroom? Guests are pleasantly surprised to find the necessary Amish furnishings necessary to comfortably complete a home. The store displays an array of living room sets (including couches, chairs, and more), bedroom sets (bed frames and headboards, chest of drawers and more), end tables and coffee tables, entertainment centers, desks and desk chairs,  along with distinct nautically-themed wood charts that can decorate walls or complement coffee tables.

When it’s time to shop for Amish furniture, Jasen’s Fine Furniture’s reputation for offering a wide range of products merits a visit in-person to appreciate all the furniture store has to offer. Equally appealing, the business that’s been family-owned since 1951 can work directly with customers to create customize Amish furniture pieces that will provide a one-of-a-kind look perfect for passing from one generation of family members to the next.

Call Jasen’s Fine Furniture at (586) 777-1717 to learn more today.