It’s been said that home really is where the heart is, but let’s be honest for just a moment: a comfortable home always make anyone’s soul feel more welcomed. Whether it’s a pair of newlyweds considering home furnishings they will look forward to passing on to their future children, or a retiree aspiring to create a long dreamed-of warm, unique home interior appearance through carefully crafted hand-made décor, Amish furniture has established a deserved reputation for unparalleled quality over decades of use.

Wise customers looking for Amish furniture in Michigan have long known – often through knowledge passed from one generation of family members to the next – that the Great Lakes State is an ideal location for finding these highly-valued (and surprisingly affordable) pieces that include living room sets, dining room tables and chairs, entertainment centers that accentuate televisions of all sizes, bedroom sets and individual pieces, distinct coffee tables and breathtaking end tables, home offices, utterly unique items from the hands of master artisans and much more.

Michigan is home to one of the top 10 largest Amish populations in the U.S., with the first Amish settlement in the state arriving late in the 19th century. Tracing their roots to Switzerland, the Amish population in the United States today is estimated to number above 200,000. Christians, the Amish dress plainly while living lifestyles mostly avoiding the use of technology like electricity provided through electrical lines, telephones and automobiles.

In many cases, parents pass along many of the skills the Amish use in their daily lives from one generation to the next. For example, a father that learned the art of woodworking and mastered the skills throughout countless years of hands-on work will then pass those same skills to his sons.

The results are obvious and stunningly beautiful for any customers looking to bring Amish-made furniture into their own homes. Utilizing a wide variety of woods – including cedar, pine, cherry, cypress, eastern hickory, hard maple, northern red oak, white oak, beech, elm, mahogany,  and so many more – the finished works are unique, thanks to the distinct patterns visible in each piece and the ultimate wood finish. Even more appealing, these pieces can usually be ordered specifically to match customer needs, with delivery available within a matter of weeks.

Regardless of the piece of Amish-made furniture that is ordered, buyers can rest assured experienced craftsmen were involved throughout the process, utilizing the same type of hand tools – along with same degree of care and patience — their forefathers used to create home furnishings that could easily pass for works of art in the world’s finest museums.

These pieces of furniture might be built by hand in a time-honored tradition, but make no mistake: Amish furniture arrives in a multitude of styles to meet the most discriminating tastes. Sure, there are traditional choices available, but contemporary styles fitting with the most modern look.

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