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Amish Curly Maple Desk

Amish Curly Maple Desk.

Amish Curly Maple Desk

amish curly maple desk

The desk features breathtaking grain pattern in the top yet has overall beauty everywhere.

The user of the desk will experience pure quality because it includes smooth full extension glides, premium oil-rubbed hardware, and solid wood construction throughout.

The style of the desk can be described as modern and traditional at the same time.

Thus, making it a transitional style perfect for any home.

You can order the desk any size you wish or make it into something completely different to make it your own.

Furthermore, you can order the desk in any wood specie, stain, and hardware of your choice.

Sizing H-30″ W-54″ D-20″ Made in U.S.A.!

Amish Furniture End Tables

Amish Furniture End Tables

Amish furniture craftsmen have been perfecting their techniques over generations, learning from their fathers and forefathers in a time-tested tradition how to effectively transform native North American hardwoods from timeless wonders of the forest into jaw-dropping pieces of work capable of serving as the highlight in any room. In living rooms from coast-to-coast, couches and armchairs proudly bearing the “Made in U.S.A.” label claim places of honor as homeowners settle comfortably into furniture suitable for passing on to a future generation. Stepping in to kitchens and dining rooms in any American home, tables and chairs of various shapes and sizes help make family memories, sharing a common theme: carefully crafted and meticulously detailed Amish masterpieces serving as the centerpiece for family memories for decades.

Venture down the various hallways in homes, apartments and condominiums to the master bedrooms (or to the children’s bedrooms and guest bedrooms, for that matter), and visitors would be equally awed by the high quality of workmanship dedicated to complete bedroom sets or individual pieces from a bed frame to a chest-of-drawers. Some of the most obvious Amish furniture – chairs, sofas, bedroom sets — has earned an unmistakable presence as a go-to source of pride blending form and function in the eyes of the homeowners and their honored guests alike. Serving equally useful purposes but in a much more subtle fashion is another well-kept Amish secret gaining more and more recognition: Amish furniture end tables.

Quietly occupying places of prominence in living rooms and family rooms practically everywhere, Amish end tables are the convenient go-to work horse for an endless array of domestic functions. From displaying the various knick-knacks and family heirlooms that enrich any surroundings to serving as the convenient place where drink coasters congregate, end tables provide a wide range of under-appreciated services stylishly and dependably.

Selecting an Amish furniture end table to complement a room is also a conscious choice to enhance the room’s appearance for the long haul. That’s because Amish furniture is recognized for a level of quality construction imparted by the hand-crafted reputation surrounding the piece. When an Amish furniture end table enters the home, chances are very good that same end table will still be in service to another generation of family members one, two three decades later and more. Even more appealing, the end tables can frequently be customized to a client’s specified dimensions, colors and varieties of wood in a process that means the end table occupying the room in question is like no other. It’s unique – a property every homeowner appreciates.

Isn’t the time right to reconsider the possibilities for adding an end table or two to the mix that makes a home complete? Either visiting Amish furniture sellers online or paying a visit to a nearby showroom for a first-hand visit, it becomes possible to fully appreciate the endless appeal of Amish furniture. There is simply no better way to fully appreciate the appeal of an Amish end table until it’s been observed from a first-hand perspective.

Amish Long Door Buffet

amish long door buffet

Amish Long Door Buffet

Amish Long Door Buffet features full length glass doors on the hutch for a fully enclosed display and storage of your favorite china or collectibles. Other amenities include: solid brown maple construction, full extension ball glides for drawers, 3 way hinge touch lighting, adjustable glass shelves for the hutch, and adjustable wood shelf for the buffet. The Buffet can be ordered by itself with out the hutch if desired in any wood specie, color, hardware, and sizes of your choice! Made in USA!

H-81″ W-58″ D-17.5″

Amish Furniture Michigan Table features full 1″ thick tops, smooth opening tracks for extending the length, multiple leaf extensions available, catalyzed finish for an exceptional lifetime durability, and a plethora of style, finish colors, two tone options available, custom sizes, custom shapes, custom edge detail, and wood specie options in solid (oak, maple, cherry, rustic cherry, tiger oak (quarter sawn white oak), rustic tiger oak, tiger maple, walnut, grey elm, hickory, hard maple). Styles can be mixed and matched to make any table standard height, counter height, bar height, different pedestal styles, leg styles can be used to make the table of your design.

Chairs can also be customized to your own style specifications including: 300 upholstery fabrics for seats, leather, vinyl, hand tacked leather, standard height, counter height, bar height, castors, gas lift office chair, and swivel bar stools are available in 24″ or 30″ seat height.

MADE IN USA! Created by Amish craftsmen. Heirloom quality dining room your family will enjoy at every holiday meal.

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Amish Furniture Design

Amish Furniture Design

Amish furniture has earned a reputation for excellence among consumers seeking options a cut above the rest of the competition in terms of quality construction, dedication to detail, and durability defined not by years but decades. Whether the prospective shopper is seeking a single sofa or a complete living room set including matching end tables, a bedroom collection or all the essentials to a home office collection, it’s understood any pieces of hand-crafted Amish furniture prominently feature the intangible qualities that have separated the “Amish-constructed” works from any competitors. Not all those overwhelmingly positive attributes fly beneath the radar, however. There are some characteristics visible even to the untrained eye that speaks to the nature of Amish furniture in a class entirely of its own.

Consider, for example, one of the characteristic methods often associated with Amish-built furniture that involves how joints are connected: dovetail joints. While style and function can play an important point in determining whether the Amish artisan opts for the keystone joint, mortise joint or the dovetail joint, many craftsman have developed a preference for the signature dovetail joint due in no small part to the joint’s reputation for a combination of strength and aesthetics.

Dovetail joints are defined by the interlocking strength of the notches cut into the wood (a style that harkens back to childhood and the interlocking strength of Lincoln Logs, a childhood construction toy staple). The end result is one of the strongest joints available in furniture construction, accompanied by a refreshing silence when it comes time to close a drawer benefitting from the dovetail joint. Why? Quite simply, the dovetail joint’s clever construction eliminates the need for the pesky metal equipment that can eventually make noise through normal wear and tear.

Utilizing dovetail joints in the construction of Amish furniture is just one of many of the shining examples that separate these pieces from all others in the marketplace. Each piece of Amish furniture is literally a unique piece of art, as each kitchen chair, dining room table, coffee or end table or any other home furnishing is being crafted by an artisan trained in the same fashion as their fathers and grandfathers.

Compare this time-honored approach to constructing durable, attractive furniture in the United States of America with carefully selected wood to a less appealing assembly line approach of mass production. Involving – at best — limited human intervention, mass-produced and cheaply constructed furniture tracing roots from anywhere on the globe can arrive on the U.S. coastline after a lengthy transit over the ocean. Made to the specifications of a machine, mass-produced furniture focuses exclusively on function with little regard to form; there is virtually no sense of individual self expression that a typical homeowner desires the most.

When the time is right to furnish a home of any size, there’s an undeniable thrill to visiting furniture stores far and wide to find the items that will turn a house into a home. Fortunately, Amish furniture presents savvy consumers a unique opportunity to customize their dwellings with pieces suitable for passing along to another generation.

Amish Furniture Desks

Amish Furniture Desks

Dining room tables, comfortable couches, flawlessly designed easy chairs and more all have an appropriate place in a tastefully decorated home, but nothing else combines functionality and aesthetics in quite the same way as an Amish furniture desk where home office furnishings are concerned. Desks play an essential role in American homes coast-to-coast, whether these workhorses of the home décor world are used daily as the headquarters for a home office enterprise or merely as a platform for addressing the annual family holiday card mailing. In any case, these eloquent pieces of Amish furniture – desks – provide a timeless eloquence in any home office suitable for passing from one generation of family members to the next.

Hand-crafted by Amish artisans utilizing the lessons learned from their family members in an apprentice-like learning process, Amish-made desks reflect a commitment to quality virtually absent in a world of mass-produced, press-board products with life spans measured in months, not decades. One close-up inspection is usually sufficient to convince prospective buyers there’s really no question: Amish-made custom furniture reflects a conscious decision to own quality-made furniture crafted in the United States of America. Consider the attributes of some Amish furniture desks available at retailers working closely with Amish craftsman:

• An Amish cherry desk features soft curved and simply styled legs, solid cherry construction, two full extension glide drawers, a beveled edge on top and oil rubbed bronze hardware. The desk is available for order in, but not limited to the following species of wood: oak, maple, cherry, elm, quarter sawn white oak, and walnut. The desk can also be ordered in any size and custom configuration.

• An Amish hickory desk features a leather top, large post legs, and an iron gate motif on the sides. The desk comes packaged with a leather padded arm chair and both pieces are available in any wood and color of the customer’s choice.

• An Amish flame birch Desk features a flame birch top and drawer fronts and a black rub through finish on the maple frame. The desk comes with one pencil drawer and one file drawer. The piece can be ordered in any wood, color and size choice.

• A Michigan granite executive desk features solid cherry raised panels on all sides, a one inch-and-a-quarter thick granite top, five full extension glide drawers, and two full extension file drawers. The desk can be ordered in oak, maple, or cherry with the stain color of choice; hundreds of hardware choices are available, along with six choices of granite. The desks can also be made to specific sizes and specifications.

• The Amish Madison desk features solid maple construction throughout, with two-toned, two full extension glide drawers and a beveled edge on top. The desk can be ordered in many wood choices including oak, maple, cherry, quarter sawn white oak, and more in various stain and hardware choices. The desk can also be ordered in custom sizes and dimensions.

Learn about the undeniable quality of all Amish furniture, including Amish desks, by visiting a reputable Amish furniture seller today.

Amish Furniture Care

The list of products available in stores today that can live without requiring some sort of maintenance or upkeep over the lifetime of the product are limited to the extreme. Consider a car that looks so shiny and new off the dealership lot; allow a full year to pass without the occasional wash job and the even more rarely applied coat of wax, and the chances that flashy new ride will still look up to par are somewhere between slim and none. Many of the same sentiments can be shared about home appliances like the refrigerator, microwave and stove. Completely inviting out of the appliance box, these same appliances don’t encourage the same level of protection from food poisoning without the occasional close encounter with kitchen cleaning supplies. And don’t even consider the cleanliness of a kitchen sink.

Simply put, the point is this: Items counted upon in our daily lives require some level of attention to stay in solid working order and appearance. Failing to take basic care and cleaning steps can adversely impact the lifespan of the products that are depended on to last for extended periods of time. Those same rules of the road definitely apply where Amish furniture care is concerned, not to mention the general care steps needed by essentially every piece of furniture in the home.

It’s not a matter of intentional abuse; instead, furniture is exposed to the rigors of daily life and that can negatively affect the appearance and durability of the furniture pieces in question. Consider the harmful impact of some of the most common household products that seem to be drawn to furniture: nail polish remover, perfume, hair spray, show polish, soft drinks, ketchup and coffee – each with the ability to leave lasting stains and blemishes on otherwise pristine furniture.

The Amish craftsmen constructing their famed products after extensive training by their peers utilize one of the most durable finishes on their wood products. These finishes resist moisture and damage from virtually all household foods, fluids and chemicals – providing protection for decades. However, these varnishes require a 30-day period of curing at a minimum of 70-degree temperatures before the process is complete – so it’s important to treat new Amish furniture with extra care upon the initial arrival in the home. Even after that period, extra care should be taken around extremely hot and extremely cold objects.

Typically speaking, a soft and damp cloth wiped across the surface of the furniture is sufficient to maintain excellent condition of the piece and its finish. When it comes to using a cleaning solution, a very mild soap-and-water combination can be used to wipe the surface, followed by a non-abrasive drying towel. If desired, a high quality furniture polish many be occasionally applied with a soft cloth, carefully following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

By taking a handful of recommended maintenance and product care steps, it’s possible to ensure Amish furniture – available at places like Jasen’s Fine Furniture in Roseville, Michigan — acclaimed for durability is in a great condition that the next generation of family members will be proud to inherit and bring into their homes someday.

Jasen’s Fine Furniture is located at 27603 Gratiot; call the store at (586) 777-1717 to learn more about the store’s large selection of Amish furniture on display in the two-story showroom.

Amish Floor Mirror

Amish Floor Mirror

Amish Floor Mirror or Cheval Mirror features solid wood construction, beveled mirror, and adjustable tilt. Full extension glide tracks reveal abundant jewelry storage with crushed felt interior. Can be ordered in any wood specie and stain of your choice. Perfect for a gift or to accent your current Amish Bedroom furniture! Made in USA!

70″h 23″w 18″d

amish floor mirror

Amish Flame Birch Bedroom

Amish Flame Birch Bedroom

Amish Flame Birch Bedroom features aggressively curved legs, flame birch drawers and tops accented by ebony framing to lift the unique grain of the flame birch. Other premium features include full extension glide tracks on each drawer, beveled mirror, and unique door storage on dresser. Set can be ordered in a large variety of wood species, stains, hardware, all in your specified dimensions. Made in USA!

Dresser: 42″h 60″w 20″d

Queen Bed: Head 55″h Foot 27″h * 69″w * 89″l (King 87″w)

Night Stand: 28″h 24″w 18″d

Chest: 53″h 40″w 20″d

amish flame birch bedroom

Amish Richfield Server

Amish Richfield Server

Amish Richfield Server features modern 2 tone style with gray and onyx stains on maple. The server can be ordered with any wood specie, stain, and hardware. The buffet can also be ordered to your custom dimensions! Made in USA!

34″h 56″w 18.5″d

amish richfield server