alexvale v469

Alexvale v469 sleeper sofa features timeless style while being comfortable yet stylish.

The sofa consequently comes in twin and full sleeper sizes while having many fabrics to choose from.

Most noteworthy the sleep air option, while versatile can make any sleepover a dream!

In addition the sleep air is simple yet only consists of an easy button system to inflate the bed in minutes.

Alexvale v469 also comes in a twin and full sleeper sizes and most noteworthy the chair can be ordered to match.

The fabrics available are almost limitless yet feature even more combinations.

The sofa as a result comes with a set of pillows consequently adding to the style.

Alexvale upholstery is made in New Tazwell Tennessee hence made in the USA!

H-36″ W-83″ D-35″